Camp Usa Quartz Cr3 Harness

  • Camp Usa Quartz Cr3 Harness
    Camp Usa Quartz Cr3 Harness
    Mens Climbing
    Mens Harnesses
    DECENT FEATURES of the Camp USA Quartz CR3 Harness Rock Climbing - Ice Climbing Winner of Climbing Magazine's New and Notable Award Innovative Sliding Waist Belt with Fold-Over Construction 4-mm Perforated EVA Foam Edge-Load Construction on the leg loops Pre-Threaded Buckles on the waist and legs Patented No-Twist belay loop 4 webbing reinforced gear loops and full-strength haul loop Patented Flat-Link elastic straps with drop seat Hub racking biner compatible The SPECS for Small Weight: 440 g / 15.5 oz Waist Waist 64-78 cm / 25-31 in - Legs 52-62 cm / 20-24 in The SPECS for Medium Waist: 72-86 cm / 28-34 in - Legs 56-66 cm / 22-26 in The SPECS for Large Waist: 80-94 cm / 31-37 in - Legs 60-70 cm / 23-27 in ALL CLIMBING SALES ARE FINAL.
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