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Quiksilver Snow Dvd

  • Quiksilver Snow Dvd
    Quiksilver Snow Dvd
    Snowboard Accessories
    The Quiksilver team DVD makes me think about the time I met Suzy McBoots at the State Fair. Suzy and I rode the hurricane and shared an elephant ear. I would have preferred a cotton candy but Suzy loves elephant ears so I gave in. After the rides we saw three ducks - a horse - and a goat talking about where to go for drinks after the fair. Really though - the DVD is great. I used to ride 50+ days a year and there's not a chance I could make it on this DVD. The Quik team is sick. They really kill it in the video. Totally Radical. This product can only be shipped within the United States. Please don't hate us.
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