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Trango Beta Stick

  • Trango Beta Stick
    Trango Beta Stick
    Climbing Accessories
    FEATURES of the Beta Stick by Trango Technical: Collapsible clip stick folds down to 21 in. so you can stuff it in your tool box - haul bag or your pack when it's not in use Uses the same design as collapsible avalanche probes Reaches out to 10' Oversized keeper handles large steel carabiners found in industrial and NFPA situations Comes complete in a carrying bag Compact: 9' extendible clip stick shrinks down to 27 in. so it carries well in or on your pack Pre-clips first (and second) bolts to keep you off the ground and out of the hospital Comes with a velcro security strap - a 2-ended bouldering brush and a keeper cord SPECIFICATIONS for Technical: 8 sections 21 in. to 10' SPECIFICATIONS for Compact: 5-piece telescopic pole 27 in. to 9' ALL CLIMBING SALES ARE FINAL.
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