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  • Metolius Super Cam
    Metolius Super Cam
    DECENT FEATURES of the Metolius Super Cam Better design for medium and large cams (1 1/2 in. and up) More stable than symmetric cams of the same size Asymmetric cam lobes give almost twice the range of conventional cams Kevlar trigger material is light - strong and field maintainable Radical new spring technology gives precise - equally-tensioned trigger pull throughout the entire range Range Finder tells you at a glance if you've chosen the right size cam for the placement Optimized cam angle for increased holding power Wider cam faces for more grip U-shaped body for greater durability and unparalleled control during placement and retraction Machined cam stops 3/4 in. (19 mm) tubular nylon webbing Color-coded sewn slings and tubing CNC machined for much greater precision than stamped or extruded cams 6061-T6 aluminum CE/UIAA certified Hand built - inspected and individually tested to 1/2 its rated strength in Bend - Oregon The SPECS for Small Range: 1.65 - 2.50 in. / 42.0 - 63.4 mm Strength: 12 kN / 2700 lbf Weight: 6.5 oz. / 184 g The SPECS for Medium Range: 2.07 - 3.60 in. / 52.5 - 91.5 mm Strength: 12 kN / 2700 lbf Weight: 9.0 oz. / 255 g The SPECS for Large Range: 2.62 - 4.67 in. / 66.5 - 118.5 mm Strength: 12 kN / 2700 lbf Weight: 11.0 oz. / 312 g ALL CLIMBING SALES ARE FINAL.
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