Petzl Mini Traxion Pulley

  • Petzl Mini Traxion Pulley
    Petzl Mini Traxion Pulley
    DECENT FEATURES of the Petzl Mini Traxion Pulley Efficient and compact: Aluminum sheave mounted on self-lubricating bushings Trigger cam with teeth and cleaning slot works even on dirty or icy ropes Cam can be locked in open position so device can be used as a simple pulley Can be used to ascend a rope For use on ropes between 8 and 13 mm in diameter The SPECS Weight: 165 g Case Quantity: 24 Rope Diameter: Minimum: 8 mm - Maximum: 13 mm Sheave Diameter: 19 mm Efficiency: 71% Working Load: 2 -5 kN x 2 = 5 kN Breaking Strength: 10 kN x 2 = 20 kN Working load as progress capture pulley: 2.5 kN Breaking Strength as Progress Capture Pulley: 4 kN Certification(s): CE EN 567 - CE EN 12278 - UIAA ALL CLIMBING SALES ARE FINAL.
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