Petzl Womens Selena Climbing Harness

  • Petzl Womens Selena Climbing Harness
    Petzl Womens Selena Climbing Harness
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    DECENT FEATURES of the Petzl Women's Selena Climbing Harness Specific shape for female morphology Design guarantees excellent weight distributionfor optimal comfort Waistbelt and leg loops with doubled straps Waistbelt wider on the sides Specific stitching on the waistbelt limit hard points and chafing DoubleBack buckle allows quick and easy adjustment of the waistbelt Dyneema tie-in points for excellent resistance to rope friction Elastic leg loops remain permanently adjusted without restricting movement Four equipment loops: two rigid ones in front for quick and easy access to equipment and two flexible ones in the rear to avoid creating pressure points with a backpack Two slots for CARITOOL tool holder Rear loop for haul rope Detachable elastic leg loop straps The shape of the waistbelt is designed to fit a woman's physique The rise has been increased by lengthening the belay loop The waist-to-leg loop-size ratio has been reduced Frame Construction with breathable monofilament mesh evenly distributes pressure - providing maximum support and comfort Woven polyester mesh on the inside of the harness wicks moisture for improved comfort and speeds drying in wet conditions Perforated closed cell foam on the waistbelt and leg loops increases breathability DoubleBack buckles adjust easily with a single pull. They help prevent incorrect manipulation Green belay loop helps users identify proper tie-in / attachment point Reinforced tie-in points for increased durability in this high-wear area Elasticized leg loops have a large range of expansion for correct fit - while staying in place on the thighs Rigid - inclined front equipment loops for easy access to gear; flexible rear loops stay out of the way while wearing a pack Trail line loop The SPECS Case Quantity: 10 Material(s): nylon - polyester - EVA foam - polyurethane - aluminum Certification(s): CE EN 12277 type C - UIAA The SPECS for Small Weight: 340 g Waist Belt: 60 - 71 cm Leg Loop: 47 - 52 cm The SPECS for Medium Weight: 370 g Waist Belt: 67 - 81 cm Leg Loop: 52 - 57 cm The SPECS for Large Weight: 400 g Waist Belt: 74 - 89 cm Leg Loop: 57 - 62 cm The SPECS for XS Weight: 320 g Waist Belt: 58 - 69 cm Leg Loop: 43 - 48 cm ALL CLIMBING SALES ARE FINAL.
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